Gartner Report: Taming the Software Asset Management Tiger

Call it a Catch-22. Not only is Software Asset Management (SAM) more essential than ever -- it's also more complicated and distributed. Keeping current with obscure rules for version and edition upgrades is not enough -- you've also got to contend with the ever-looming software audit.

The path forward? The SAM market is evolving, but you need to understand both buyer trends and market implications to minimize risks and optimize future costs. Download the Gartner Market Trends report, "Taming the Software Asset Tiger" to learn;

  • Drivers creating an urgent need for sophisticated SAM tools -- from BYOD to smart machines to cloud-enabled licensing
  • Factors keeping software costs high -- from multiple delivery models to the growing skills and resources gap
  • Forces shifting compliance responsibility from end-users to software publishers
  • Traditional metrics being replaced with business metrics that don't require detailed monitoring
Whether cloud-based or on-premises, license model and management tools must be easier to build or integrate. Get the Gartner Market Trends key findings now -- download "Taming the Software Asset Tiger."


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