Reduce Costs by Identifying Underperforming and Underutilized IT Assets

IT assets are expensive, and increasingly difficult to secure.  Industry research shows that organizations routinely waste money by paying for vast amounts of unused workstation software. Coupled with a lack of clarity around inventory, license liability, usage and even asset location, accurate management of ongoing costs has become impossible. If you have difficulty figuring out who has which asset, where the assets are and what their status is, Asset Vision Workstation can help.

Asset Vision provides you the tools to avoid these penalties.

IT Auditing

Asset Vision delivers agent-less auditing of your IT environment. Know exactly what you have and where it is. Gather information on hardware (desktops, laptops and servers, Windows or Mac) software and peripherals and off-network devices too and get a complete picture of your business.

Capture all this information without deploying any agents. Start gathering information in minutes from activation.

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Indigo Software offers Auditing services for a one-off review and report on your IT environment. Utilising the power of Asset Vision Indigo will deploy Asset Vision Registry, gather information about your organisation and produce a detailed report on what you have and where it is. If you provide your existing licensing information Indigo can also include reports on your software compliance.

Be prepared before your next software audit.

Software License Compliance

Asset Vision License Manager is a cloud based solution that provides in-depth reporting capabilities for organisiations to manage their IT software license compliance.

Software publishers are increasingly flexing their audit rights; some analyst firms now estimate that an organisations' chance of suffering a software audit within the next 12 months is greater than 50/50.

Beat the auditors by being ahead of the game and know exactly what you have installed vs owned. Use this information to uninstall software, decrease license count or purchase additional licenses.

IT Optimisation & Actual Usage

Know exactly what you have, where it is and how often, or if, it's being used.

Asset Vision Optimise is unique in its metering capabilities and the only product on the market that will give you accurate usage data. Using an agent installed on each desktop, laptop and server, mouse and keyboard activity triggers a counter against the relevant software application, or web application, in use. This data is then sent to the server once a day and used in reports that will give you a deep understanding of your IT environment.

Asset Vision Optimise measures usage for applications, users, machines, Windows® captions (file name/ActiveX control/workflow), web applications, Terminal Service/XenApp environments, and local or network printers. Additionally, it measures usage for virtual desktops and virtual applications.

Asset Vision Optimise usage intelligence is unique. It measures real applications and desktop usage by measuring the intensity and type of interaction between the end-user and desktop. Keyboard and mouse activity are recorded within each active application automatically. That information is then parsed through a proprietary algorithm to determine whether the application was used, read or written from, and by which type of user.
Key Benefits
  • Eliminates overbuying of software. Reduces capital costs.
    Removes costs associated with maintaining and supporting underutilised software and hardware. Frees up people and time.
  • Optimises the outcome of vendor negotiations. Get fair value in annual software license reviews and "true-up" negotiations with an accurate view of the truth.
  • Stops unneeded additional license spending, frees up budget. Precise usage information enables the reallocation of unused or underutilised software.
  • Helps reduce excess license fees. Replace full versions of software titles with read-only/reporting/standard versions as appropriate.
  • Reduces time spent on complex configuration efforts by identifying exactly what needs to be configured. Automatically detects all running apps out of the box, helping IT focus on what matters most.
  • Enables consolidation of license keys for cost savings. License Key Discovery determines which license keys are being used or not used, saving costs.
  • Enables IT cost optimisation and transparency based on near-forensic usage data. Enables better IT and Finance decision-making.

IT Asset Cost Savings

Implementing the Asset Vision suite of products enables your organisation to make informed decisions about your IT environment on where to spend money and where savings can be made.

Not only can you identify your IT hardware and software and compare your software license purchases with your install base, your can also report on hardware warranty status. Using web services Asset Vision integrates with a number of common hardware suppliers such as Dell, HP and Lenovo to automatically pull back up to date warranty details.

You can also quickly identify any machines that are out of compliance with your SOE and identify any applications that are not running the correct version or latest patch. Reduce support calls and troubleshooting time from IT Support with the knowledge that all your pc's are up to date with the latest hardware and software.
Assess your IT susceptibility with detailed workstation vulnerability analysis, including analysis of patch status, anti-virus and anti-malware status and calculated security assessment based on a variety of inputs.

In addition running Asset Vision against your Server Environment will provide you with important information about your virtual, SQL and Oracle servers. Report on the number and type of virtual and SQL servers, compare these against your server licenses. Report on the number of SQL and Oracle databases in place and measure the size and last usage dates.

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